Saturday, July 12, 2014

A very, very sad day ...

... he was, is and always will be my musical hero - 


Charlie Haden taught me the music between the notes, to listen to what you play and most of all the spirit of music and melody. 

Yesterday he passed away and I feel very sorry, but I have to be thankful for all this wonderful musical moments he gave to me and the world.

Mr. Haden your music and your message will live on and I still have to follow your path and I still learn by hearing it ... the music between then notes.

God bless you and I hear you playing with every note I play!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Music Online Store

from now on you can order my music online from CustomMusicShop

Feel free to have a look for my music or maybe you find some more interesting things on this website ;-)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Video Production

If you are interested to produce a video of your music, your products, your office or anything you have in your mind, you should get in touch with me!

Here some videolinks, I produced for several people ...

Feel free to get in touch with me ... or 0170 207 4015 ;-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Video of my Franz Bassguitars Sirius Ralf Gauck signature bass

Since 5 months I'm very proud and happy with my signature bass made by Xaver Tremel of the Franz Bassguitars company. This Sirius model is really outstanding and every time I have it in my hands makes me smile. So enjoy this video, that let you hear some music and shows you some pictures, that where shot during the production of this bass.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sell your music!

I produce music, because I'm a musician and all I learned in my life, was to make music.

Since musicians have the chance to be in the internet, platforms like iTunes, Spotify to name just a few of them, earn a lot of money by selling our music. So - do we earn this money like the companies do? I don't think so!

So we should start to give our music a new platform to sell it.

Why don't we do this in music stores anymore. Stores that have the same problem with the internet, like we do. Music stores, where you can buy a bass. For me it make sense to sell my music in such a store, because the store that I have in my mind has a online store like Amazon. And everybody earns much more money! You even can sell music files for mp3 players - you only have to make a deal with your local dealer, that's all!

I'm wondering why nobody does this exclusicly with one music dealer.

Think about it and maybe you find a new way to sell your music beside the concert!

Monday, May 12, 2014


The first videos for the eBook are ready to be edited in the computer. Octaves is the subject for this unit and the challenge is the intonation. So working on this is also a challenge for you to think about, what you would love to learn along with your fretless bass. What are your limits in playing a fretless instrument?

Think about your limits and send me a message, because your limit is my challenge!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Take part of writing an eBook ...

Since a long time I had the idea in my mind to write a new course book about fretless bass playing. As you might know, fretless bass is my choice of playing the bass. The sound of this instrument is for me much more a voice of my musical soul. 

But what might be the reason of somebody for playing or to learn how the fretless bass. Even the questions of not using frets and in this case the question of intonation and what makes it so different from the fretted bass. 

To give you an answer of all of that, I thought to bring my ideas in an eBook. The eBook is much more than a "normal" book. It's the possibility to work with audiofiles and so an easy way to improve your intonation. The eBook is much more the possibility to show you  along with videos the exerceses and share with you the exercises in sheet music.

But not only this makes the eBook so interesting, it's also the way to share it on the interent all over the world.

Of course I have a sketch of this book in my mind, but I thought it might be interesting for you to take part of writing this book and your limits might be interesting for a lot of people. 
So why not asking you for comments or ideas what you would love to learn along with the fretless bass. So it's up to you to send me a message and you might find your questions in this eBook.

Maybe you do not have any ideas of this and you are just interested in learning the fretless bass, this eBook is just a "normal" course book for you. 
But - this seemed to me to simple! I would love to get in touch with you while you are in the progress of learning the different exercises, by sending me a video, to let me hear your playing and the chance to get in touch with each other, just to bring you to the next and higher level.

So have a look for my blog in the next weeks or months and you will find more infos and details about this project!

Love & Peace